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The Stockyards - Not my Backyard, but My Neighborhood.

I have mentioned that I work at Billy Bob's selling partnerships, but the Stockyards has such more history with me! The reason that I have been able to make so many wonderful strides and connections is because of this wonderful community that is truly the most unique neighborhood, with the best neighbors you can ask for.

My journey in the Stockyards began at Championship Bull Riding (CBR), working for the Legendary Bull Rider, Tuff Hedeman. The funniest part about it is that when I was interviewing for the job, I truly had no idea who he was - the most famous bull riding icon in the world! It was an eye opening experience where I met some truly wonderful people - Gina & Adeline from Rave Marketing were like new sisters to me, Ray was my awesome and unpredictable brother, Cody and Cody were the best guys that are so hilarious...and then there was Scott, who was a great friend to me. The job came with some other challenges, but I can truly say that Cicily and I are friends, and I would do anything for her!

While I was working at CBR, I also had a part time job at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame (TCHOF) as a docent! It truly was a job that I LOVED! I got to get to know all of these very famous cowboys and cowgirls that I had been hearing about thru their booths! The TCHOF has the largest collection of Honoree Memorabilia on display, so when I would tour groups thru the museum I really got to learn and really enjoyed it. The TCHOF also houses the Sterquell Wagon Collection, which is the most amazing collection of old time wagons that have been restored and preserved. I also became very knowledgeable about these historic wagons! This job gave me such a unique experience to learn (dare I say I became an expert) about things that most people knew nothing about.

After CBR, my heart took me to The World's Largest Honky Tonk - you can read my story about that experience HERE!

While at BBT, I ALSO got to work for Cowtown Coliseum, and helped with their social media and marketing. The Coliseum hosts live rodeo events every weekend, and has grown into such a great venue.

Now I move on to the WORLD'S ONLY Twice Daily Cattle Drive - the Fort Worth Herd. Literally, the street is closed down, and these giant majestic Longhorns are driven down the bricked streets by "Drovers", who are decked out in authentic period costumes, which are especially picked out. I was on the Board of the Friends of the Fort Worth Herd for several years, until I headed out to the world of Western Fashion at Westmoor Mfg. Co.

These days, I am so proud to say that I still work with just about everyone that I have gotten to know in the Stockyards throughout the years! Of course my experience at BBT, but also I was given the opportunity to return to another one of my passions - the TCHOF. I handle social media, Induction Ceremony and assist in marketing initiatives.

What a cool neighborhood - with the coolest neighbors, who have become family.

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