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What happens if you do what you love, but don't love what you do?

I'll ask again, "What happens if you do what you love, but don't love what you do?" THIS. What does this mean to me? See below:

I absolutely LOVE working with my clients on website building, social media campaigns and posting, sales driven marketing, event planning, event marketing, events, fashion shows, etc. BUT, what about that one client that I just don't love doing that work for? I do what I love, but for that one client, I just can't love what I do.

What in the world am I complaining about?! The client pays well, stays out of my way, doesn't complain much, but Lordy...I just am very uninspired by the people - not the product, the people. This. Makes. It. Hard.

I listed out the "pros" of working with them, so let's try and work thru the "cons".

  • Non communicative - I hear NOTHING from the client at all - good, bad or ugly. ZERO feedback, people. If there is a communication, it's because I have made the first move by asking a question, like "what about a promotion?" Even's typically silence. I ask about new retailers that we can highlight and possibly do a campaign with...crickets?!?!

  • The ability to work slightly of the norm - I mentioned promotions above, which it's typically the exact same promotion every time. So I suggest something else, "What about a simple change up a bit and doing XYZ?" - NO, let's just do what we did last time. SO UNINSPIRING! It gives the customers no variety or inspiration to try something new (like their product) themselves.

  • No excitement - I send statements and express excitement of positive progress from the campaigns that we have run, and instead of a celebratory "YAY! Way to go Team!", it's more like excuses of why it's no big deal and / or not good enough.

  • Snide and passive-aggressive posts - I use the same hashtags on all of the posts I make - if the client happens to make one on their own (which is perfectly fine by me), they don't use the hashtags that I have been consistently using FOR A REASON.

It's all a feeling of - do they think that am I competing with them? Do they feel that I am trying to take "all the glory" that they are due? All the while, I'm just trying to do my best for the brand. It almost makes me feel ashamed, or like I can't celebrate the progress we are making, because the continuous feedback (or lack there of) that I get.

I don't feel like I am doing my best work...because my heart is not in it.

How To Work Thru It

This is the part I am currently struggling with. How can I keep this well paying customer happy, all while not going insane myself?

  • Do I need to just suck it up and grow up? aka - put on my happy pants?

  • Do I find another client to replace the income and move on from this inspiring account?

  • Do I have an honest conversation with the customer, and risk either offending them or hurting their feelings?

The other facet to the calculation is, "How do I keep myself happy to make sure all of my clients are getting 100% of my attention every day?" In reality, I have to be happy, in order to perform my best at anything in my life - business or personal. I have to be confident and happy with my efforts in order to feel good about my Business.

As I work thru this...

This client of mine is obviously unnamed, and will remain that way, but I'd love to hear your comments, feedback and advice...please scroll down and post below. >^..^<

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