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Helping Others, Helps Yourself

To give a little backstory, I have had this website running for about a year and a half now (maybe longer). I considered it to be an "informational" website, where people could view my projects and my gain business thru the "resume" that I have here with information and photos. Then, just a few months ago, I was inspired to help and encourage a very talented little lady - who just so happens to be my sister-in-law, Taylor Lynn Laramore Ribble - to utilize and express her talents of Equine Health and Training, as well as her wit and charm to start a Blog site - The Ribble Effect / Ribble Me This.

I have been "gently encouraging" her to jump out there and write down her knowledge and get back to her roots with horses and rodeo...write a blog, take some pictures, post on Instagram, tag your heroes! After all of that *gentle nagging*, I thought to myself - "Well then what the hell am I doing just stitting around?!" I need to encourage by action!!!!

Once I decided to write my first blog, the words just flowed out of me, and the more I wrote, the more I began to LOVE what I do in each facet of my life. Writing helps me realize the words that inspire my every day life - the good and the bad. It's self reflection each time I write one of's's's anxiety releasing. Helping encourage her to realize her potential in this self-medicating practice, in turn, helped me.

As I am sitting here writing this, I realize that I am referencing sentiments from my previous article - Motivate - By Example! Well then, I guess this is important enough to discuss again.

As I advise others to do the things that are important to them, I need to keep constant in my mind that I need to make sure to cater to those things in my own life that need to flourish - writing, gymnastics, water skiing, swimming, being outside, loving my pets / performance horses, riding Biz, watching tv, praying, going to church, keeping the house clean - the most menial stuff to some people is important to me, just as what is menial to me is going to be important to other people. Again - I'm learning from others to learn about myself. To continue to truly nurture those things is important, because it makes Me, Me and You, You.

I ALSO NEED TO REMEMBER TO CONTINUE TO LOVE THY NEIGHBOR! I can self reflect all I want, but "Love Thy Neighbor" to me can mean Encourage Thy Neighbor, Celebrate Thy Neighbor, Compliment Thy Neighbor, Give to Thy Neighbor, Say Hello to Thy Neighbor, Smile at Thy Neighbor...ect. Once again, the smallest thing to me can mean so much to Thy Neighbor! Procuring those kind acts will hopefully then come back around again, and encourage me to give myself the same kindnesses. It's all a big-ole-circle! Helping Others, Helps Myself, Helps Others, Helps Myself, Helps get the idea.

I maybe got a little off topic here, but I hope that this rambling is a good read anyway :)

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