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Olympic Dreams

I was a competitive gymnast growing up. I was enrolled in tennis and golf as well, but when the coaches in those sports asked me why I didn't want to be there, I just said that I wanted to do cartwheels.

I am a tall gal, but for some reason, the tricks came pretty easily to me - my body knew what to do! I loved it, and also loved being able to do what most other people could not! I am very competitive, so it was a very accomplished feeling to learn new tricks, teach myself new tricks and show everyone what I have done.

During my time in gymnastics, it was the Golden Years of the 90's, and the Olympic Games were all I could think about! I loved the gymnasts competing, and couldn't wait to watch. I even had an olympic themed birthday party in 1995 (my birthday is in December, so the '96 Olympics was upcoming)! I had favorites - some from the USA, and some from other countries.

My favorite gymnast of all time is Nadia Comaneci - I wanted to fly, too. Of the USA gymnasts, I loved Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu and later on Nastia Liukin. Another of my favorites during the 90's was Lilia Podkopayeva from the Ukraine - she was so pretty, and all of her events were just elegant perfection. Quickly becoming a new favorite - Sunisa Lee.

The large scandal that came to light in the past couple of years is heartbreaking. I pray for all of the little girls who had their dreams dashed because of any abuse that they endured from Larry Nassar. I cannot imagine how awful that was for those girls.

Today, however, I see a post going around that is truly maddening to me - and please keep in mind that this is my opinion. In this post, the gentleman is linking Kerri Strug and her "one legged vault" to abuse. I 100% in disagree with this post.

I am so happy for Simone Biles that she made the decision that was right for her - as an athlete, she has the right to make her own decisions about her own body. However, to compare this with Kerri Strug is unfathomable. Kerri has spoken out about this event many times before, and made the decision herself to continue - she said that she let the adrenaline take over, and went. Bela Karolyi had no input and no idea what had just happened during her first vault. She does not go over and consult him. After the second vault, when she does collapse is the first time anyone realizes she's in pain. The point is, she made her decision, just like Simone has made her decision. They are very different Olympic athletes, neither is more right than the other.

I refuse to be complacent in the "cancel culture" society, where there it's 1 strike and you're out. I do not want to be so PC that we become weak as a nation - people, athletes, military. Sometimes you DO just have to work thru the pain and hard things - it's OK to be tough. Some of us DO want to show strength in mind and body - that is OK. I want to be the best, and I know that it's not comfortable as you climb up the hill to try your hardest.

What Simone did was ok, and what Kerri did was ok - they are very different people, and different athletes. Quit trying to put them on the same pedestal. Kerri was so brave to make the decision she did, and so was Simone.

In my opinion, it's time to truly have free speech again and let people feel the way that they want to - even if it's not in line with the "woke" culture that has invaded our Nation.

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