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Horsing Around...

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I have got to tell yall about yesterday afternoon when Biz and Max decided to do some "horsing around" at a VERY inconvenient time...

Yesterday started out like any normal day...wake up, coffee, jog, work, and then I was headed into Fort Worth to do some work at Billy Bob's, then to attend an event that evening. After my jog, I showered and picked out a really cute dress to wear to the event - silk material with whimsical tigers and unicorns - along with my adorable new (never worn) Coach boots.

At about 1:30pm I started getting ready and dressed - hair, makeup, jewelry. It was about 96 degrees outside, so I decided to not even try and wear my hair down and put it in a ponytail with a vintage gold clip.

I planned to leave at 2pm, so I said goodbye to Flit and Dory, opened the sunroom door and was met by Max - our sweet little buckskin my door. Dory looked around the corner of my leg and was just as shocked as me! I look further out and see Biz just grazing on the lawn. My heart stopped.

I calmly removed my jewelry, put my purse down and walked outside to greet my friends that were definitely on the wrong side of the fence. I speak sweetly to them and calmly approach the hay barn (where all of their food is). I roll up the door gently to grab some of their favorite treats to lead them back into the horse pen. Mind you, every time they hear this door open, they receive some kind of food.

As I raise the door, Biz bolts down the driveway with Max in tow! I quickly grab the treats and BEG them to return and running towards them to no avail. They were now five houses down and still moving. I am in PANIC MODE!

I call Austin, who is at the shop and frantically ask him what in the heck I am supposed to do...SOMEONE had left the gate open. He was very calm (which was almost more maddening) and told me to get some grain in a bucket and drive down to where they stopped with the halters.

**I want you all to remember that it was 96 degrees, and I am in a silk dress and brand new suede boots. **

Frantically driving down the street, luckily they found a donkey friend to visit with about eight or nine houses down. I park my car, and see a very nice lady who had also stopped when she saw the wild events taking place. I jump out with this bucket of sweet feed and start shaking it - nobody pays any attention...the grass must have been just as yummy. The neighbor said that she had Max (who is typically the naughty one) almost caught, but then Biz (who is usually old trusty rule follower) spooked and they got wild again.

Hearing that, and knowing that he does not typically ever get grain, I approached Max first. He is so sweet and lets me put the halter on him. Biz, however is being extremely stubborn and barely let me put the halter on, which was not an easy task with Max in the other hand.

At this point, I am 100% completely dripping sweat from head to toe. As I am walking these horses, Max is continuously trying to eat the feed in the bucket, so I finally just put it down, leave my car running and walk these two giants back home - in my silk dress with my brand new suede boots on.

The kind neighbor followed me home and waited while I put them back in the pen, and drove me back to my car nine houses down. Praise the Lord for her kindness!!!!!

At this point, there is so much sweat rolling down my face that I literally cannot see. I drove home, frantically changing, blotting and running around to be able to leave on time to get to my appointments in Fort Worth.

I guess that there is something positive about this...I got my new boots broken in! However, I am still disappointed in not getting to wear my beautiful silk dress and now need to send it to the cleaners.

Austin, of course felt bad, and when I got home, he had welded on a new gusset and chain to ensure these horse shenanigans do not happen again.

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