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Safari in my Backyard

When did Brock, TX become such an exotic place? NOW!

Well, it's not exactly in my backyard, but it's about six houses down! I got to meet STANLEY THE GIRAFFE! You know...the guy from the Hangover? I will tell you that he is just incredible.

Question - is he a good actor, or is he just that sweet? HE IS SWEET TO THE MAX! He loves to be visited, scratched and fed treats.

Stanley made the journey from California a week or so ago in a special trailer designed just for transporting giraffe. He also brought along some friends with him - buffalo, zebra, water buffalo and even a yak! Rumors are that there might be a camel or two to follow.

Stanley's new abode in Texas is really divine. With hundreds of acres to explore and a heated barn, he is in the best place I can think of. Then again, I think that Texas is the best place in the whole wide world for anyone or anything - I'm not wrong!

I also hear that Stanley voted for Trump, so we're on the same page - he won't California our Texas!

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