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As I mentioned, I did not grow up a horsey-gal...and was not ever around horses until I got married in 2015. When we bought our home in Brock, TX, we moved into a house that sat on a little over 1-acre, and already had a horse pen. Enter - MP Co Drifter, aka Biz.

Biz with Uncle Austin and Jack

Biz is the SWEETEST soul I have ever encountered in an animal - my cats have always been a-holes, I love them with my whole being, but that's the truth - she is big, beautiful and so kind, athletic and loving. It is my personal belief that she didn't bloom into the athlete she could be until she got to work with Austin. I <3 her so much.

After Austin graduated from TCU with his EMBA, his family (mom, dad and sister) gifted him Blue Sky Guy, aka Max. Max is a young gelding that is full of pi** and vinegar. High powered, fast and SUPER loving. However, he needs work to become who he is supposed to be. His nickname was "Bucky Buckskin", which is very descriptive of how he handled the other (very experienced) riders that worked with him.

As I mentioned, we live on 1-acre, so we have no room for an arena of our own right now (imagine that...we own an arena building company, but don't have one), so we got him down here, introduced him to the SWEETEST GIRL BIZ, and then sent him to a trainer nearby.

Max (left) and Biz (right)

He seemed to be doing so well, and the trainer adored him - he saw Max's potential with speed and smarts! He was there for a couple of months, then came back. Between the time we brought him home to rest, and took him back, the trainer had moved into a larger facility that was owned by another person. It was a very nice facility! Indoor, lots of action, etc. Maybe just not what he was used to.

Shortly after we dropped him off...Snowmageddon came upon this great state of Texas, and there was nothing any of us could do. After everything opened back up, Max started acting ugly, and was bucking in the middle of the trainer's team roping practice runs with him. We took him to our vet, who said that nothing was physically / visibly wrong. We then went to another vet for a 2nd opinion...same result. Still...Max just wasn't the same. Quickly, he seemed to have lost every bit of progress he had made in the past year. Here we go - back to square one with skills.

On to other scenarios - maybe Max has an ulcer. I believe that animals, just like humans, respond to training differently from different coaches - teaching techniques play a big role in any athlete's training and mentality. If you're not happy with a coach, you're not going anywhere with your skills. He is a sensitive soul, and needs a coach that understands that and is also sensitive to that.

So, Max took about 4 months off, and just got to hang out with Biz and ride few times a week in a beautiful field. We also received advice from equine expert Taylor Ribble to try EPM Super Dewormer from Old West Holistic Company to see if it would help his demeanor and also calm his stomach ulcer(s). We had him on it for 75 days, and I believe that the combination of a stress free situation, his best friend Biz (although we did create some bad "buddy sour" behaviors) and the EPM Super Dewormer, he went back to being the loving and sweet little boy he is inside.

Blue Sky Guy, aka Max

Today, we sent him back to training - at a different location. Austin really did his homework and took Max to the best place for him. This trainer seems to have a good understanding of the thing that is most important to us - his well being inside and out. As Taylor said, "I truly think his health is directly tied to his emotional well being." As sad as it was to see him go today, I know he'll be back, and when he does return, he'll have received the training he so desperately wants and needs.

Stay tuned for updates on this Super Horse we call Maximillion.

For more advice from information on Taylor Ribble, visit her website:


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