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New Websites, New Skills

I have built probably 10 websites at this point...not a BUNCH, but enough to know that I really like doing it. It allows me to be creative and I have gotten really positive feedback so far! The clients that I have had so far have allowed me the reigns to create a website from the vision that they portray to me about their desires and their business.

With each new website, I really try to stretch myself to learn new skills to implement in each of them. The site I am currently working on is for a gymnast that I have knows for quite a while...since she was a little girl! One of the things that we need to highlight for her on her website is a table of Meet results. Well, I have never done data connection to a website before, and wanted to learn how, instead of just taking screenshots of past results. I wanted it to be a dynamic table that they can easily update on their own for future Meets.

After much research and MANY trial and errors, I believe that I have honed in on what it takes to get the results we need. Check out the table HERE to see how far we have come!

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